Curved Roof Deck Ceiling Systems

A deep structural steel deck system that curves in the strong direction of the corrugation creates a dramatic and prominent focal point in modern architecture. Archdeck panels are available with a curving bold-ribbed appearance or simplified with a curved flat appearance. Archdeck panels are available in a wide spectrum of radii. Structural properties of an arch vary for each span, radius of curvature, and amount of lateral restraint. Computing the load-carrying capacity of an arch system is an involved process. EPIC Metals’ engineering team is available for consultation regarding these special designs.

The acoustic features of Archdeck vary depending on the system configuration. Archdeck PA has greater acoustical efficiencies over Archdeck A, which could make a marked difference in public spaces that require this benefit. The numerous advantages of the Archdeck Curved Roof Deck Ceiling Systems can lead to specification in the following types of projects: airport terminals, arenas, art galleries, canopies, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, libraries, museums, office buildings, schools, sports domes, theaters, and more...

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Heritage Valley Health System—Beaver, Pennsylvania / Archdeck® P / 70' radius

Archdeck A

Spans 14' to 40'. Corrugated curved appearance.

Archdeck PA

Spans 14' to 40'. Smooth curved appearance.