Long Span Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

Long, clear, unobstructed spans are the inspiration behind Wideck® long span roof and floor deck ceiling systems. These architectural roof deck ceiling systems efficiently clear span from 10 to an impressive 58 feet.

This creates a visually open building envelope with the structural framing system. Three general ceiling appearances offer long-spanning options: beamed, flush with shadow lines, or bold ribbed. Wideck Systems can be highly light-reflective for indirect lighting and can enhance the daylight available when designed with a clerestory, window walls, or skylights. Acoustic Wideck also enables the architect or acoustic consultant to control the interior sound environment of the building. The applications for Wideck Systems used in conjunction with exposed structural framing systems are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Wideck contributes to the beauty of the architect’s interior design and can establish the exterior focal point of the entire building. The acoustic control, appearance, structural capacities, and ceiling benefits of the Wideck profiles have led to their specification in the following types of projects: airport terminals, arenas, art galleries, canopies, church chapels, classrooms, convention centers, gymnasiums, libraries, museums, natatoriums, office buildings, power plants, schools, shopping malls and centers, theaters, transit stations, and more…

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Terminal B — Houston, Texas / Super Wideck® SWN12A

Wideck SWA

Spans 24' to 48'. Bold beamed appearance.

Wideck SWNA

Spans 24' to 50'. Narrow beamed appearance.

Wideck SWIA

Spans 26' to 58'.

Wideck WPA

Spans 12' to 32'. Flush with shadow lines appearance.

Wideck EDPA

Spans 10' to 34'. Flush with shadow lines appearance.

Wideck EDA

Spans 10' to 30'.

Wideck WHFA

Spans 12' to 30'. Bold ribbed appearance.

Wideck WNA

Spans 16' to 36'. Bold ribbed appearance.

Wideck WA

Spans 12' to 30'.

Wideck SWAC

Spans 24' to 48'. Bold beamed appearance.

Wideck SWNAC

Spans 24' to 50'. Narrow beamed appearance.

Wideck SWIAC

Spans 26' to 58'. Narrow beamed appearance.

Wideck WCPA

Spans 13' to 25'.

Wideck EDCPA

Spans 10' to 25'. Flush with shadow lines appearance.

Wideck WCHFA

Spans 13' to 25'. Bold ribbed appearance.

Wideck EDC

Spans 10' to 25'.

Wideck WNC

Spans 16' to 36'.

Wideck WC

Spans 13' to 25'.


Cathedral Folded Plate


Barrel Vaulted

Half Cathedral


Half Vaulted

Gambrel Folded Plate